Welcome to the 10th Anniversary edition of Smoke Screening.

This special edition features 10 of the most effective and highly acclaimed ads from past Smoke Screening programs, and two new ads, one of which was created in Canada and received international attention last year for its creativity.

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Artery 1 - Artery
Smoking Kid 2 - Smoking Kid
Maison 3 - Maison
Debi Quits 4 - Debi Quits
Doesn't Kill 5 - Doesn't Kill
It's Like They're Smoking 6 - It's Like They're Smoking
Drive 7 - Drive
Never Give Up 8 - Never Give Up
Never Give Up 9 - Mukesh
Innocent Death 10 - Innocent Death
Social Farting 11 - Social Farting
Critics Say 12 - Critics Say

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